Cleveland Skyline We got started in Cleveland, OH

Our Story

Sendit Social was created to make gifting easier, more fun, and social by integrating a fun user interface that pulls in your contacts and favorite local establishments along with our growing list of retailers.

We came up with this after missing some special occasions with friends and family. Whether we had prior commitments or they live in a different part of the country, Sendit Social was the solution to bringing about better social interaction and keeping people connected.

Our goal is to eventually register every local merchant and online retailer so anyone can send anything to any contacts they are connected to in just a few seconds on their device.

With SenditSocial:

  • you can send the a gift without a recipient’s address
  • you can be anywhere with reception and send a cup of coffee
  • no more having to go somewhere to pick up an impersonal gift card
  • no worrying about delivery of the gift card
  • and last minute gifters can still buy on the day of and recipients get notified instantly.