Step 1

Select Recipients & Items
(No address required)

Step 2

Choose Notification Method
(and optional wall post)

Step 3

Redeem by Mail or Have Your QR Code Scanned

Select Recipients

Select recipient(s) to easily send items with just a few taps on your mobile device or a few clicks on your PC. Even shop for multiple people simultaneously.

Choose Items

Next, choose the perfect item from your favorite online retailer or local merchant. Send anything from flowers to a latte; a gift basket, or even a glass of wine!

Watch as your friends receive Facebook notifications and optional timeline posts with a picture of the item(s) they’ll receive. Twitter integration coming soon.

Redeem Items

Redeem one of two ways: by scanning a QR code at a participating merchant; or gifts will ship by mail. Senders don’t need to know the recipients address.